Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here are some pictures that I have taken over the past month with my really bad lens I have on my camera. And also, I'm not a very good Photographer! lol

My First Blog!!!

So this is my very first blog and Im pretty excited to get it going!!!
I dont think I am very good at posting interesting blogs as of now, but hopefully I get a lot better, I guess we will see as time goes on.
Since I don't really know where to start off I will just pick a point in the last couple weeks.
As a lot of people/Rock climbers know there is a World Cup Bouldering circuit that happens every year. Most of them take place around Europe. Two weekends ago was the first World Cup for this year and it was held in Milano Italy. The competition went well. Six people make it to finals and I ended up in sixth place. In finals my Finger tips got well torn up. Three finger tips had blood dripping form them. Not very easy to climb with fully taped finger tips.
After the competition was over everyone decided to whined down or maybe for some whined up way to much. The after party was at this hip club that I forget the name of. Also it had the most expensive drinks I have ever seen! This club had an AWESOME dance floor where everyone got down and boogied!
Two days later We had another competition to go to in Sweden. It was an invitational Bouldering Competition. Five girls and Five guys were invited and we each had to set our own boulder problem with in Five hours. After the setting was done then we all had an hour to try everyones boulders. This all happened on Tuesday and on Wednesday we Competed on the same boulder problems. It was a World Cup format for the competition except we got to watch all the other climbers when they climbed. It was a very exciting format and everyone really liked it. We all cheered each other on and had tons of fun, it was very relaxed and nice to be apart of. In the end I toped all five boulders and won the competition. And most of the competitors didn't want to go out and party this time since we were all still tired from the weekend.
Now Chris and I are back home in Innsbruck Austria and have been training/ climbing outside a good bit. We went to Zillertal yesterday and I managed to send a cool V10 Milevsky Crack. I actually flashed it up to the last two moves which are the easy moves on the boulder and fell.?. Then it took me about an hour to get back to that point and finish it. lol
Now it is 11pm and a few friends and I are leaving for Magic Wood tomorrow at 8am. The weather is suppose to rain, but we are thinking positive thoughts and hoping the internet is not telling the truth. Finger and Toes crossed and Im off to bed! :)